Product Manager (Junior or Senior)

  • New York, New York, United States of America
  • Full-time
  • Engineering

As a Product Manager, you will operate as an interface between the end customer and the engineering team, translating customer needs into technical requirements. You will work closely with engineering to develop, test and deliver updates and new features to our ecommerce platform. You will directly manage testing and final delivery of new features, ensuring that all requirements are met and nothing is inadvertently broken.

This position requires a technical background, engineering degree, or at least a savvy ability to think like an engineer. You will be taking complex problems and breaking them down into smaller parts, converting rough ideas and concepts into specific logic and tables. You should be able to explain things in an orderly fashion. While it’s not necessary to be a computer engineer or software developer, you should be able to generally understand how the technology behind Proper Cloth works, how a database is structured, and how technical changes or new features will tie into, or impact our existing platform. 

This position requires someone able to “think like the customer”. You need to be able to put yourself in their shoes and have empathy for their situation. You will develop a thorough understanding of what our customers are trying to do and where they might become confused. With the customer in mind, you will be able to prioritize new feature development. 

This position requires someone with incredibly high attention to detail. You should be the kind of person that catches mistakes that most other people would miss. Issues may be as small as visual inconsistencies, or rare use-cases where the logic is not 100% correct.  It’s up to you to think through the possible situations that could occur and to confirm that everything is as intended.

In this role you will work directly with Seph Skerritt, Proper Cloth’s founder and CEO. For the last 8 years, Skerritt has led the development of new technology at Proper Cloth. He’s a hands-on manager and an expert product engineer. He will work directly with you to help you become a top-notch product engineer

We’re open to people with 0-5 years work experience.  While there is obviously a big difference between a recent graduate and someone that has been working for 5 years, we see potential for either type of candidate to work well.  Starting salary will be based on experience.


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