Senior Back End Developer

  • New York, New York, United States of America
  • Engineering

About Proper Cloth:

Proper Cloth is a startup making it incredibly easy for men to purchase quality custom shirts.

We see a future where people no longer buy clothes in standard sizes that don’t fit, or in styles they don’t love. A future where clothing is made on-demand for each individual’s shape and taste.

There aren’t many businesses like ours. We’re half technology startup and half fashion brand.  We’re not venture backed. We’re profitable and growing fast. We’ve doubled in size every year since we started. We’re leaders in our category. We’re experts in our field. We have product-market-fit. We have the stability to do things right. We’re building something to last.

We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers and an excellent reputation. We've been called “Our Favorite Online Custom Shirtmaker" by GQ and “One of the most successful made-to-measure e-commerce sites” by Esquire.

Click here to learn more about Proper Cloth's Engineering Team and Technology Stack. 


Job Description:

We’re looking for an experienced, senior back-end developer to make sure our infrastructure, back end code and dev-ops processes scale smoothly. You will be helping to design a scalable system architecture, setup and manage servers. You’ll be writing the code to handle complex back-end processes and streamline database queries. Scalability, stability and speed are incredibly important and we need someone who can help make sound architecture decisions and implement them.


  • At least 4-years experience developing fast, scalable backend software
  • Expert in relational databases (SQL) and optimizing queries for handling large requests with speed
  • Expert at configuring and maintaining unix web servers, load balancers and AWS
  • Experience creating a development platform with tools and a pipeline that are effective, simple, well documented and scalable
  • Experience optimizing image delivery for millions of static and generated images efficiently
  • Experience playing a major role in the back end development of websites used by millions of users
  • Expert in Git with agile devops experience
  • Experience making complex back-end architecture design choices
  • Experience building APIs and microservices
  • Passion for web technologies and keeping up-to-date with new tools and techniques
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment as a key contributor


  • Experience as a technical team lead
  • Experience working on a large ecommerce site
  • Experience with MongoDB or Redis
  • Experience with Docker or container-based architecture
  • Experience with PHP including server-side templating
  • Experience with Node
  • Experience with automated testing

This is a full-time position.  We prefer candidates based in New York, but will also consider remote candidates.

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